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This is Hemtex
We want everyone that shops at Hemtex to feel confident in knowing who we are and what we represent. The very best way of getting to know us and our products is obviously to come by one of our 150 stores, or explore our website here online. Regardless of where you visit Hemtex, you will find the same range of products all with the same theme: functional home textiles of high quality and unique design at reasonable prices.

Our passion for textile
At Hemtex, we love pillows, to mention an example. And curtains, to mention another. But for us, a pillow is not just a pillow. And a curtain can have other qualities than just being made from Indian cotton and be able to simply hang by the window.

Textiles and all that textiles can be and add to a room, besides lying on a table or hanging from a bathroom hook and look good, is what Hemtex’ lifelong passion is all about. Or, to be honest, when the textiles are and do all of that at the same time in its own inimitable, irresistible, wonderful way, is when we love it the most. Design and functionality in one, forever.


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